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can we please get some sort of mental health education for parents i cant believe how many are in denial of their child’s condition

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You have been visited by Baljeet, the Failed Test. If you do not reblog within ten seconds, you will fail your finals.

too risky man

just cus it’s baljeet


do you just ever get so mad that you mentally insult every single thing that people do around you


"hey i finished this question" good for you little fucking brat like wow didnt anyone teach you not to boast

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i take my hedgehog grocery shopping and nobody tells me to stop


girl group: *be successful*
people: tbh no one likes them and they’re only famous because they dress and dance like that also please stop doing cute and sexy concepts thanks

boy group: *fucks up*
people: first of all, oppa grew up in korea!!! stop saying bad things about him, he doesn’t know what he’s doing!!!!! #notalloppas #staystrong #webelieveinyou

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My anaconda don’t want none unless the state of the economy recovers, minimum wage workers see an increase in their pay, and women, racial, and sexual minorities acquire their rights.


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Current mood: Elmo getting a manicure

"He’s also just at the age where he’s starting to understand dick jokes. There was a commercial the other day that said:’collect all the balls’. He started giggling and pointing at the TV and turning to me like ‘eh? Get it? Balls?!’. That was my proudest moment as a father. I felt the torch had been passed." - Mark Hoppus